Priming and painting

Priming and painting

Priming and painting of metal structures from TAF-87 are important processes for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, as well as for improving their appearance.

Priming and painting of TAF-87 metal structures:

The name of the serviceCharacteristicPrice, UAH
1priming at the TAF enterprisefrom 20 per sq.m
2painting at the TAF enterprisefrom 40 per sq.m
3priming at the customercontractual
4painting at the customer’s placecontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

The main steps of these processes are:

Surface preparation:

  • Surface cleaning from dust, dirt, rust, old paint and other contaminants. For this, you can use detergents, brushes, grinding tools and even sandblasting machines depending on the condition of the surface.
  • After cleaning the surface, inspect it for cracks, defects or rust that require additional treatment.


  • After thorough cleaning of the surface, apply primer GF-021. The primer creates a protective layer between the metal surface and the paint, providing better adhesion and corrosion protection.
  • Choosing a primer suitable for metal surfaces and corresponding to the type of paint used.

Grinding (optional):

  • If necessary, the surface can be sanded after applying the primer to create a smoother and more even base for painting.


  • After the primer has dried, paint is applied to the surface of metal structures. The choice of enamel paint PF-115, designed specifically for metal surfaces, recommended by TAF-87 specialists and corresponding to the requirements of the project.
  • Apply several coats of paint following the guidelines to ensure good coverage and protection.

Properly performed priming and painting of metal structures will help extend their service life, protect against corrosion and maintain an attractive appearance. The manufacturer of TAF-87 gives a guarantee for its products, taking into account the primer and painting.