Cutting the lock

Cutting the lock

Cutting the lock into the gate is an important procedure to ensure the safety and ease of use of the gate. This process is usually performed by TAF-87 specialists with experience working with metal structures.

Prices for mortise locks on garage doors:

The name of the serviceCharacteristicPrice, UAH
1Cutting the lockfrom 2 500
2Replacement / installation of door handlesfrom 600
3Replacement/installation of protective protectorfrom 1 000
4Installation of the door closerfrom 1 000
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050 915 05 38

Here is a general overview of the process of driving a lock into a metal gate:

Preparation: TAF-87 specialists begin by evaluating the gate structure and choosing the optimal place to install the lock. This may include measuring the distance from the edge of the gate to the lock and checking the structure to ensure a secure fit.

Marking and hole cutting: Markings are made at the location of the lock installation to determine the exact position of the lock hole. Then, using tools such as an angle grinder or a drill with a metal bit, a hole of the correct shape and size is made to insert the lock.

Installation of the lock: After cutting the hole, the lock is inserted into it. It is usually a mortise lock that is installed inside the metal structure of the gate, which makes it more protected from external influences. The lock is then attached using fasteners, ensuring a strong and reliable attachment.

Checking and adjustment: After installing the lock, its operation is checked. This includes checking the opening and closing mechanisms and making sure that the lock is secure and not prone to being opened or damaged. If necessary, additional settings are made.

Finishing touches: Once the installation and adjustment of the lock is complete, TAF-87 technicians can do the necessary finishing work, such as painting or finishing the surface of the gate at the location of the lock installation, to ensure a uniform and neat appearance.

It is important that the process of cutting the lock into the gate is carried out by qualified specialists of the manufacturer of metal structures TAF-87, in order to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of the installed lock. We provide a guarantee for the work performed.

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