Electricity in the garage

Electricity in the garage

Electrification of the garage by TAF-87 specialists is the process of installing electrical equipment and wiring to ensure power supply in the garage. This allows you to use various electrical devices and lighting in the garage to perform work, charge tools and batteries, and also ensures safety and comfort.

Electrification is an important service of TAF-87 for the garage owner:

Name of worksCharacteristicPrice, UAH
1Installation of the goosecontractual
2Installation of lightingcontractual
3Installation of socketscontractual
4Complex electrification of the objectcontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050 915 05 38

Below are the main steps of garage electrification:

Planning: Determine which electrical appliances and devices you plan to use in the garage.
Decide how many sockets, switches and light points you will need and where they will be.
Determine where the electrical panel will be installed and how the connection to the main electrical network will be made.

Wiring: We lay electrical wiring from the panel to sockets, switches, lamps and other electrical devices. Installs protective pipes and channels for electrical wiring in the walls, ceiling or floor of the garage.

Installation of sockets, switches and lights: Installation of sockets and switches in convenient places for the use of electrical appliances. We install lighting devices to ensure good lighting inside the garage.

Installation of an electrical panel: Installation of an electrical panel to protect and distribute electrical current to all electrical devices in the garage. Connecting the panel to the mains using protective devices such as circuit breakers and differential relays.

Inspection and testing: After all work is completed, inspect and test the electrical equipment to make sure it is working properly and complies with electrical safety.

These are the main steps of the electrification of the TAF-87 garage. It is important to contact qualified TAF-87 specialists to ensure safety and compliance of all work with electrical standards and requirements.

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