Concreting the foundation for the garage from TAF-87 is an important stage of construction, which provides a strong and stable foundation for construction.

Concreting the foundation for the garage from TAF-87:

NamePrice, UAH
1Concrete floorfrom 16 000
2Concrete floor with toppingcontractual
3Concrete floor with polymer finishcontractual
4Concrete floor with a pit or cellarcontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050 915 05 38

Below are the main steps of the foundation concreting process:

Preparation of the place for concreting: Cleaning the area from vegetation, stones, garbage and other obstacles. Determining and marking the boundaries of the foundation using a rope, posts and marking tools.

Digging a pit as necessary: ​​Digging a pit taking into account the dimensions and depth of the foundation in accordance with the project. Removal of soil to the required depth and level.

Formwork device: Installs wooden or metal forms for the formwork, which will determine the shape and dimensions of the future foundation. Securing the formwork so that it remains strong and stable while the concrete is poured.

Installation of reinforcement: Laying and fastening of reinforcement rods inside the formwork. Reinforcement helps to strengthen the concrete foundation and prevent its deformation under loads.

Concrete mix preparation: The preparation of a concrete mix, usually from cement, sand, crushed stone and water, according to project requirements and local building standards.

Pouring the concrete mixture: Concreting the foundation using a concrete pump or other methods of concrete delivery. Uniform distribution of the concrete mixture inside the formwork using vibrating tools or other means.

Compaction and leveling: Compaction of concrete in order to remove air bubbles and ensure its uniform structure. Leveling of the concrete surface using special tools to achieve the required smoothness and evenness.

Drying and Stripping: Leaves the concrete for a period of time to dry and set.
Removal of the formwork after the concrete has reached sufficient strength, but has not yet completely dried.

These steps are general for concreting the foundation for the TAF-87 garage. It is important to adhere to the project requirements, as well as take into account local climatic conditions and building codes to ensure a quality and durable result.

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