Metal garages are insulated

Metal garages are insulated

Metal garages are insulated to protect the car from adverse weather conditions. Metal garages are a popular choice for many vehicle owners due to their strength, durability and relatively low cost compared to other types of garages.

Prices for insulated metal garages from “TAF-87”

NameSize LxWxH, mPrice, UAH
1Garage + mineral wool 50 mm5,0х3,0х2,4from 100 000
2Garage + mineral wool 100 mm5,0х3,0х2,4from 120 000
3ГGarage + mineral wool 50 mm10,0х3,0х2,4from 220 000
4Garage + mineral wool 100 mm10,0х3,0х2,4from 240 000
5Garage + foam
6Garage + polystyrene
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

Usually, in 90% of cases, the following are additionally ordered: an internal lock, delivery, assembly, concreting, painting from the outside.

NameCharacteristicPrice, UAH
1Delivery in KharkivLoading, delivery, unloading2 000 UAH
2Delivery across Ukraine by own transportThe price of driving along the route, in each direction from the city of Kharkiv, accommodation and travel expenses additionally if necessaryfrom 20 UAH/km
3Delivery across Ukraine by accompanying transportDepends on distance and demand for delivery directionfrom 15 UAH/km
4Assembling (installation)Price for a standard design4 000 UAH
5Internal lockMottura, suwaldny, with traction3 500 UAH
6ConcretingConcrete M200 = 3.0 cubic meters. with delivery, formwork, waterproofing, mesh 50x50x3.020 000 UAH
7Enamel paintingBy air using a spray gun, cost of work and material PF-115, color to choosefrom 30 UAH/m.sq.
8ScaldingFrom the inside for the impossibility of getting in from the outsidefrom 2 000 UAH
9Other servicesЗа домовленістBy agreement, more in the “services” sectioncontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

Some features of metal insulated garages:

  1. Metal structure: The main structure of the garage is made of metal materials such as steel. This gives the garage strength and durability, allowing it to withstand various weather conditions and external influences.
  2. Wall and roof insulation: Insulation is used to preserve heat inside the garage in the cold period and to protect against overheating in the summer. This is done with the help of insulation panels minvata 50 mm / 100 mm thick or with the installation of polystyrene foam plates.
  3. Ventilation: A good ventilation system is important to ensure proper air circulation inside the garage, especially when car engines or other heat sources are running. Vents or ventilation systems help to avoid overheating and humidity.
  4. Security and protection: Metal garages can be equipped with security systems such as locking mechanisms to protect against theft and vandalism.
  5. Ease of installation and maintenance: TAF-87 insulated metal garages have a simple design, which makes it easy to install and maintain them. This can significantly save the owner time and money.
  6. Durability and strength: TAF-87 metal structures have a long service life and usually require minimal maintenance compared to other materials such as wood or brick.

Non-standard metal garages can have:

  • A single-pitched roof instead of a two-pitched one, or a complex-shaped roof
  • Combined arrangement (eg 2.0mm steel gate, 1.2mm steel walls, 0.4mm corrugated roof)
  • The presence of a wicket in the gate or in the walls
  • Availability of 2 gates
  • “Gormoshka” gate
  • A complex of anti-vandal measures
  • Other parameters

Garages are manufactured in accordance with DSTU B V.2.2-22, DSTU B V.2.6-75 and TU U 25.1-40281382-006:2023. The company has quality control. Each garage has a stamp of the employee who made it. The production of garages is carried out by qualified personnel in a warm, equipped room using a park of machines, the necessary equipment and conductors. Works are performed according to drawings. Consider options for garages made of metal or profiled sheet. TAF-87 manufactures MAF of various configurations for individual orders, construction wagons, country houses, gazebos and other metal structures.

The term of manufacturing a garage is from 5 to 7 working days.

The company provides a 12-month warranty.

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