Canopies for cars

Canopies for cars

Prefab or collapsible structures of TAF-87 sheds are a convenient and practical solution for creating temporary or permanent covered spaces, such as carports, verandas, patios or storage rooms.

Prices for prefabricated/demountable structures of TAF-87 canopies:

1Canopy made of polycarbonatefrom 1 200 UAH/sq.m
2Canopy made of 0.4 mm profile sheetfrom 1 450 UAH/sq.m
3Canopy made of 0.5 mm profiled sheetfrom 1 550 UAH/sq.m
За детальнFor detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

At the “TAF-87” enterprise, the production of canopies from profiled sheet is carried out according to an individual order, which allows satisfying all the wishes of customers, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of a specific area.

Experience of more than 12 years in the manufacture of similar structures. To fulfill the order, there are labor resources, production areas, necessary transport, scaffolding, machines and equipment (sheet bending machine, guillotine, cutting and cutting machines).

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits and convenience of using a canopy made of profiled sheet:

  • it is the best way to extend the life of your car;
  • it will serve as a reliable protection against bad weather of snow, rain, hail, hurricane;
  • will cover from dust, leaves, bird tracks, falling icicles and ice;
  • will effectively provide protection from direct sunlight and UV radiation, the car interior will not be heated in the heat, and the painting will not burn out;
  • the canopy will become a stylish element of your house, fit in aesthetically and improve the appearance of the yard; an originally made canopy can completely change and decorate the facade of your house;
  • will allow more efficient use of your territory without requiring redevelopment;
  • expand the usable area of ​​your garage or may well replace a garage, in addition, carports are much cheaper than garages.

“TAF-87” will calculate the loads, manufacture, deliver and install the canopy in accordance with the issued technical conditions with high quality and on time.

Warranty for metal canopies made of profiled sheet – 12 months!

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